We're well into the winter season here in northwest Indiana, but it's not too late get your car into winter-ready condition. With help from our team of auto maintenance experts, you can prepare your car for the worst that the cold months have to offer.

  • Tires:This oft-overlooked step can make a world of difference in cold-weather performance. Normal all-weather tires aren't actually designed to handle the extreme cold seen in Midwest winters. Neither are they designed to maintain grip in snow. For the best results, we recommend purchasing a set of winter tires. They can help even rear-wheel drive vehicles handle the elements with ease. Plus, they'll last a long time since you'll only use them a few months out of the year.
  • Wiper Blades: If you can't keep snow, rain, and sleet off of your windshield, you'll have problems seeing. That's why we recommend installing a fresh set of high-quality blades for winter. We can help you pick out a durable set that fits your specific make and model.
  • Anti-Freeze: This important fluid keeps key components in your engine from freezing. It's a good idea to check anti-freeze and top it off if necessary when winter comes around.
  • Battery: A fresh battery can save you from major headaches during winter. There's hardly anything worse than being stranded in the freezing cold, after all.

Contact the service center at Twin City Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram for help with any of these tasks.

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