Two Fictional Presidents and Two American-Made Sedans

This President's Day, Chrysler showed off its American pride with an ad featuring Bill Pullman and Martin Sheen as two former presidents, driving the Chrysler 200 and the Chrysler 300.

"The American people are Americans, you know!" spouts off Martin Sheen, playing the comedic foil to Pullman's straight man.

After a few more nonsensical outbursts of patriotic one-upmanship, Pullman asks, "What is this, an America-off?"

"No, this is an America on!" he fires back, undaunted.

Why all this presidential humor? What with this being an election year -- and already one of the most electrifying election years in recent memory -- Chrysler is quick to take advantage of the opportunity to remind everyone of the automaker's Detroit roots.

The "Premium to the People" campaign launched on president's day, and is set to continue releasing more ads in the coming months.

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